Wombman Wellness Consultation (Online)

Where it all begins. The consultation equips you with a comprehensive blueprint to help you jumpstart your wellness journey with a personalised health plan.

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1-on-1 Coaching (Online)

Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthy, fix your period, balance your hormones, improve your fertility or just clear acne . There is a programme just fit for you.

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Womens Natural Health Products

Our online shop contains a range of products that help with a wide array of 'lady problems'. Each product has been specially formulated to support your hormones and rebuild your health naturally.

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FREE Wellness Chat

Do you feel overwhelmed? experiencing symptoms you don't understand and your body doing things you can't explain? The Wellness Chats offer hope and direction, helping you understand your body and how to fix it. Book a chat and I'll call you.

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Don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to start you wellness journey? The Wombman Wellness Consultation equips you a personalised health plan with all you need to get started. Discover what foods, exercises, supplements and wellness practices are best suited for you because there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to health.

GuguCustomer & Client

Id like to give thanks to Wanga! Above all the great info and advise, I could feel your smile on my side of the phone. Your patience with me,lol. Thank you very much. Also, as a person with a medical background one can at times need external help due to daily ups and downs. You are doing a great job!


My mom is 44 and had been struggling with conceiving for quite some time. She used TRIBULUS together with HARMONY and within 3 months she conceived. She highly recommends the two products.

NelisiweClient & Customer

I would highly recommend this program to all woman who are on the journey of restoring and healing their bodies. I learnt and grew so much during the program. Wanga was so amazing and provided me with tools and insight that I will use for the rest of my life. I can now quickly track what my body likes and does not like. I have more awareness and that’s caused me to become more calmer.

This program should be a rite of passage for all women


Harmony really treated me well. My period disappeared for a month and harmony came to the rescue. I also started seeing a lot of change in my skin and overall mood! Harmony is the girl she thinks she is!!!

Eating for Wellness

  • Consultation fee (incl)
  • The principles of healthy eating and the plant-based lifestyle
  • 3 Sessions + Bonus Session/ 4weeks
  • Developing an effective and sustainable eating style
  • Using food as medicine
  • Balancing hormones using food
  • Meal Planning and Prepping
  • Personalised eating plan
  • *Payment plan available

Lifestyle Reboot

  • Consultation fee (incl)
  • 5 Sessions / 6 weeks
  • Full EATING FOR WELLNESS programme
  • Understanding and overcoming emotional triggers to unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Breaking through Self-sabotage
  • The principles of mindful movement (Exercise)
  • Personalised exercise/movement plan
  • Mastering your sleep
  • *Payment plan available

Self Mastery

  • Consultation fee (incl)
  • 7 Sessions/ 8 weeks
  • Full EATING FOR WELLNESS programme
  • Full LIFESTYLE REBOOT programme
  • Understanding and overcoming self-sabotaging traits
  • Practicing Self Awareness
  • Neuro-Linguistic Therapy
  • Trauma healing therapy
  • *Payment plan available

STEM Well™ Natural Fertility Programme

  • Consultation fee (incl)
  • 9 Sessions/ 12weeks
  • Understanding your fertility
  • Tracking your fertility
  • Personalised fertility diet
  • Creating a Fertility friendly lifestyle
  • Overcoming emotional and mental barriers related to fertility
  • Breaking through past traumas affecting fertility
  • Womb healing practices
  • *Payment plan available


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TRIBULUS – Ovary Health



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