What is Cycle Syncing?

Cycle syncing is the practice of aligning your lifestyle to the phases of the menstrual cycle based on the needs of each phase; from how you eat, to when you take particular supplements, to your workout routine and even how to schedule your social life and workload. Cycle syncing is an art that every woman should learn to optimise her health and well being holistically.

Why should you Cycle Sync?

Women’s biochemistry, physiology metabolism and nutritional needs shift throughtout the phases of the menstrual cycle (Watch this video to learn about the phases of your menstrual cycle). Understanding these changes is key to tapping into optimal health and wellbeing.

Women who have not yet reached menopause are governed by two clocks(rythms);  a circadian rhythm which is a 24hr clock and an infradian rhythm which is a 28day clock. Both are equally important and influence each other. Making it  important to make sure the two are operating in harmony.

A classic scenario of this is ‘The Nurses Study’  where a correlation was found between irregular sleeping patterns in nurses and its effects on their menstrual cycles and overall health putting them at risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers.

A simple example; poor daily(circadian rhythm) sleeping patterns or stress over time will dysregulate cortisol hormone(aka stress hormone) causing a higher demand of cortisol production, this higher production negatively affects the production of progesterone hormone resulting in low progesterone hormone  which leads to period problems and other menstrual cycle issues. 

So why should you cycle sync?

Each phase of your menstrual cycle has different physical, nutritional and even emotional needs.

For example:

With regards to nutrition, you handle carbs better in your follicular phase while banting or a ketogenic diet is more effective in your luteal phase.

In physical exercise, its better to do weight lifting and strength training towards ovulation than during your period.

Lifestyle wise, you are more reserved during your menstruation phase making it the best time to do some inner work and reset.

Living in alignment with your cycle allows you to live life more mindfully and intentionally. It allows you to regain control over your life, health and body.

What are the benefits of Cycle Syncing?

The Infradian rhythm controls your

  • reproductive system
  • metabolism
  • gut health
  • brain health
  • immune response
  • stress response

So when it becomes dysregulated all these systems and organs become affected. This can look like inflammation, autoimmune disease, brain fog, depression, anxiety, body aches, irregular menstrual cycle and fertilily challenges. It also puts you at risk of chronic diseases.

Cycle syncing helps you be mindful of your infradian rhythm i.e your monthly cycle, be intentional and function optimally with regards to your hormones and health. 

By cycle syncing you ensure that you are giving yourself the essentials that will allow you to thrive in every facet of your life.

How do you start?

Diet is the best place to start Cycle Syncing. This alone ensures that you get sufficient and much needed nutrition in each phase of your cycle helping you alleviate common period problems, hormonal imbalances and even fertility challenges.

From improving your period and bleeding pattern, reducing period pains, treating conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), restoring ovulation to clearing your skin, avoiding bloating and constipation, managing weight, fighting fatigue and improving your sleep. Cycle Syncing your diet is probably the most powerful way to regulate your menstrual cycle and heal your body holistically. A good diet is the foundation of great health!

Watch the video below for simple steps on how to CYCLE SYNC YOUR DIET.

Download your CYCLE SYNCING FOOD CHART here. The chart gives you a comprehensive food list for each phase of your cycle making it simple to plan your meals and be mindful of your diet.

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