1. Is HARMONY-Hormone Support a hormonal medication? HARMONY-Hormone Support does not contain any hormones in it. The herb Vitex works by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce progesterone.
  2. How long should I take HARMONY? It is recommended to take HARMONY-Hormone Support consistently for at least 3 menstrual cycles for notable changes although some women notice changes within their first cycle.
  3. Does Vitex in Harmony act like progesterone medication? No it does not. Vitex stimulates the production of your natural progesterone while progesterone based medications contain synthetic forms of progesterone.
  4. Will Harmony help my hormonal acne? HARMONY-Hormone Support may help reduce the occurrence and severity of hormonal acne. It works to support hormone balance and detox the liver both of which contribute to clearer skin.
  5. Can Harmony reduce PMS symptoms? PMS symptoms can be a sign or hormonal dysregulation, consistent use of HARMONY-Hormone Support may help alleviate symptoms of cramping, craving, bloating and migraines.
  6. Can HARMONY help shrink my fibroids? Fibroids occur due to hormonal imbalance that arises from excess oestrogen and insufficient progesterone. HARMONY-Hormone Support aids in detoxification of excess oestrogen while stimulating the normal production of natural progesterone. Achieving hormonal balance can help treat conditions such as fibroids.
  7. Can I drink FORTIFY-Womb Cleansing tea while pregnant? No. FORTIFY-Womb Cleansing tea is a pre-conception tea that is best taken when preparing for pregnancy.
  8. Since I started using HARMONY I don’t get constipation anymore, is there a connection? Yes, HARMONY-Hormone Support promotes liver function and the metabolism of excess oestrogen which contributes to improved digestion. 
  9. I have pain due to endometriosis, will HARMONY help? Inflammation is one of the main symptoms of Endometriosis. Some of the Herbs in HARMONY-Hormone Support help in reducing inflammation and pain thus offering relief to painful conditions such as endometriosis.
  10. Will HARMONY treat my Endometriosis? One of the causes of Endometriosis is estrogen dominance, ensuring normal hormone function may help reverse symptoms of endometriosis.
  11. Will FORTIFY help me stop spotting mid-cycle? Mid-cycle spotting can be the cause of a number of reasons including weak uterine tone. FORTIFY-Uterine Tonic may help strengthen the uterus and prevent spotting.
  12. I’m on contraceptives, will I get pregnant if I use the VITALITY BLEND? The VITALITY BLEND is a multi-functional general health supplement for women that helps your body manage various stressors. It supports hormone balance and a healthy libido, reduces fatigue, boosts energy and improves mental function. 
  13. Can HARMONY help me conceive? If hormonal imbalance particularly insufficient progesterone is the cause of your fertility challenges then you may benefit from using HARMONY-Hormone Support which supports the production of progesterone. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY.
  14. Can I take HARMONY and Clomid/ Fertomid together? No. HARMONY-Hormone Support encourages hormone function differently to fertility medications and may counteract their effects. Do not combine natural remedies and synthetic medications unless under the care of a health care provider. 
  15. I have PCOS, which product  would you recommend? HARMONY-Hormone Support will encourage hormone balance, VITALITY BLEND will support healthy metabolic function and insulin levels. If you are trying to conceive, TRIBULUS will support ovulation and good egg quality.
  16. I’m trying to conceive and feel very anxious, I know stress is not good for me, what can I use? The VITALITY BLEND contains adaptogenic herbs which help the body manage stress and promote a sense of well-being and calm. This helps reduce inflammation caused by stress and supports normal progesterone levels necessary for conception to take place.
  17. What can I take to promote ovulation? TRIBULUS is a fertility tonic that is renowned for promoting ovulation and improving egg quality. It also soothes inflammation which may support healthy implantation.
  18. Can I do a Yoni Steam while I have an IUD? It is not recommended to Yoni Steam while you have an IUD. Steaming can cause the device to shift or be expelled.
  19. Can Yoni Steaming help with improving fertility? There are many various reasons why a woman maybe having to trouble conceiving. Yoni steaming may help to improve blood flow, breakdown buildup that is causing blockages and cleanse the womb which in turn improves chances of achieving a pregnancy.
  20. Is there a particular way I should be steaming if I’m trying to conceive? Yes, if you are trying to get pregnant, make sure to only steam from the end of your period up to you ovulate. Do not steam after you have ovulated.
  21. Can I do Yoni Steaming while pregnant? DO NOT steam while pregnant, steaming warms and relaxes the pelvis which can result in a miscarriage.
  22. How does Tribulus help with infertility? Tribulus has shown to promote ovulation in women, a better ovulation process may increase chances of a pregnancy.
  23. Can men use Tribulus as well? Yes, in men Tribulus improves performance and sperm quality, while in women it enhances ovulation and healthy egg quality.

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