If you are feeling over whelmed by symptoms and dis-ease, nothing you have tried seems to work, you cant seem to get to the root cause of your health concern, you want to try ‘this natural health thing’ but have no idea where to and how to start? Then this Wellness Chat is just what you need!

If you need help figuring out whats going on with your period, skin, weight, fatigue, hot flashes, brain fog, thinning hair, fibroids, endometriosis, fertility and all those other ‘lady problems’ then BOOK NOW and let’s get you on your way to being your best self!


  1. Do you have questions related to irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, and overall general health? I’m always seeking a holistic approach to health and treatment. Upon booking the Free 20 minute chat with Wanga, I received practical advice and solution. After the call I had in depth understanding of hormones, diet, healing and skincare. I’ve been referring my friends ever since!

  2. I literally cannot put into words the experience I had with Wanga today after booking a free wellness chat.
    Firstly I have to thank her for her friendliness, she really makes it easy for a person to open up and speak freely; it was like talking to a friend.
    Secondly the session was so informative; after explaining my scenario the advise I got from her was really helpful. I am definitely booking a consultation soon because I wanna know more. I will be referring more woman to her because she knows what she is talking about and not to mention that with the first month of using Harmony I can already see the difference in my period; the massive pain that I was feeling during my period has reduced. Ladies book this free session and thank me later

  3. I found out about Wombman wellness from one of my friends on instagram. I followed the page and i was interested to know more about it. I booked my first free wellness chat with Wanga and it was amazing. She made me feel comfortable and i could feel she understood me and she was interested to help me improve my health. I don’t feel alone anymore because i know i am in safe hands when it comes to my womb health. I look forward to learning more from this program and give a baby testimony here. I am already telling my friends about this program. Ladies, don’t wait any longer. This program will transform your life.

  4. What a wow. Within 20 min I understood my own body more than I have ever known in my adulthood. She is thorough, attentive to detail and I felt like my jounrey is going to be personalised according to my needs. I am looking forward to learning more about my body and to take better care of it. Thank you so much for generosity and your attentive nature. More and more women need to get on this journey of self discovery!

  5. What a satisfying session with Wanga. She is so calm, attentive and extremely friendly. She made it easy for me to get into the nitty-gritty detail of what I’m experiencing. The session was very informative and her level of expertise is impressive. I am really looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you Wanga, you’re a star ⭐️

  6. I really had an amazing session with Wanga on the 13:08:20. She was so patient and understanding, didn’t make me feel nervous at all… The advice you gave me helped a lot.. Most of the things we spoke about made me understand my body… Thank You So Much Wanga❤️

  7. Wanga is a safe place.she made sure I was comfortable..the chat was enlighting

  8. Id like to give thanks to Wanda! Above all the great info and advise, I could feel your smile on my side of the phone. Your patience with me,lol. Thank you very much. Also, as a person with a medical background one can at times need external help due to daily ups and downs. You are doing a great job!

  9. Having the free wellness consultation with Wanga was just the motivation I needed to get out of my rut. She helped me realise how much I’ve grown in my wellness journey and how I should celebrate that as well as just the few places I need to tweak what I’m already doing. It was so informative and the fact that it is free just gives it that added bonus because sometimes you just need that bit of advice about wellness without the added expense

  10. What an awesome consult I had with Wanga. I feel so comfortable and understanding my symptoms and how to deal with them. What you really teach us is self love and I appreciate it sooo sooo much. Thank you.

  11. I have been following wombanwellness on Instagram for a while, I decided to book the free chat with Wanga today. Wow what an informative chat, I felt very comfortable chatting to Wanga and it was such an affirming experience talking to someone who really understands and empathizes with my experience, to know that I’m being listened and not just given generic advice. Looking forward to my wombwellness journey.

  12. I found out about Wombman Wellness just this week.What I learned on one episode of listening to QueenWanga and I was blown away,I immediately had hope and felt so enlightned..
    Now finding out about the free wellness chat was just amazing.
    I had the BEST chat ever…It is the patience for me,great advices☀️
    I held so much back but Queen managed to help me let it all out,for me the greatest thing was having a chat with another woman w/out judgement.Wanga is simply the best.
    After that call I am definately a Wise-Wombman☀️

  13. I have been following wombmanwellness for a while on instagram and decided to listen to the hormone 101 “3part video” on youtube this other day. I then decided to book the free consultation. It is in the consultation where I understood that my raging sexual libido is normal and hormonal in my 40’s….and there is a managable solution to it. We also adressed my acne issues and she recommended a few changes and additions.
    Thank you Wanga for the much needed support and insight.

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