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A wonderful empowering Health & Wellness resource for the modern day woman which sparks conversation and awakens the wise womban within you. The short episodes are a perfect and convenient way to get practical natural heath tips while you’re on the go.

We will talk about health ,womb wellness  and fertility conditions that are affecting today’s woman, we will explore mental and emotional issues and how they contribute to your overall health. Plus you will also get to learn more about the natural remedies and therapies you can incorporate into your everyday life. All this to equip you on your journey to achieving holistic wellness. Each episode is an opportunity to learn how to take control of your life, make better informed decisions regarding your wellness, improve your health and ultimately transform your life.

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S2E6 | Endometriosis and Fertility- Improving your fertility, reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system
The three main issues to address in endometriosis is inflammation, immune response and hormonal imbalance. All these three affect fertility and can create a hostile environment reducing chances of ovulation, fertilisation and implantation. In this episode, I outline the best methods to track your fertility, introduce an anti-inflammatory diet plus natural products to relieve pain, support the immune system and balance hormones.

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