STEM Well™ Natural Fertility Protocol

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A holistic natural fertility programme for the ‘pre-mester‘. This is the 3 months you spend preparing your body; womb health, improving egg quality, supporting hormone balance, eating a healthy diet before conceiving. So many factors can affect fertility; stress, past traumas, diet, hormones, toxins etc. hence the programme is holistic in its approach to fertility.  So whether you’re going the natural route to conceiving or the assisted e.g IVF, taking a pre-mester to is a wonderful way to prepare for pregnancy.

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1 review for STEM Well™ Natural Fertility Protocol

  1. Tebogo Baloyi

    My Heart Is Full.
    It has been the most amazing experience working with you.
    The goal was to conceive but i got more than that i reconnected with myself and gained so much confident in the process

    Thank you so much for walking this journey with me, for sharing your knowledge , for creating a platform where i completely felt safe , i returned to myself and that is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.

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