Our entire body is run by hormones and the truth is almost every woman will experience hormonal imbalance at some point in her life making her prone to PMS, irregular periods, acne, miscarriages and infertility, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, cancers, memory loss, depression, weight gain, fatigue etc. The root cause of many of the problems women face today is hormonal imbalance. Understanding how your body works and how to look after it naturally is the key to happy hormones and leading a healthy and fulfilled life.

Balanced hormones will help you:

  • Have regular periods, no PMS or pain
  • Clear your skin from hormonal acne
  • Improve your fertility
  • Manage healthy weight
  • Promote healthy digestion, no constipation, bloating or gas
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Manage your stress and anxiety
  • Clear brain fog
  • Boost your energy and overcome fatigue
  • Achieve emotional stability and healthy metabolism, meaning no HANGRY feelings!

This consultation is for the woman who is ready to take back control of her life and heal herself naturally. Armed with a personalised health plan you will have a better understanding of the root cause of your health concerns and know how to balance your hormones and reverse your conditions through detoxification, nutrition, herbal medicines, stress management, emotional wellness practices and exercises that are simple, sustainable and help you achieve hormonal harmony.


  1. My Wombman wellness consultation was beyond my expectations. I was made comfortable and just by being asked how i am doing before the session starts i could already feel the love and support from Wanga. I am so grateful for the Wombman wellness program because now i understand my body better and i can make better health choices to heal naturally. This is the place to be ladies.

  2. I have followed Wanga on Instagram for awhile and always loved her work, she is warm and gives so much helpful information. When my chest broke out in acne she was my 1st call and she helped so fast. After taking Harmony for a week my whole chest acne cleared and I knew that I had to get into my healing and guidance with Wanga. My consultation was an answered prayer, she gathered all the scattered pieces of my WHOLE life!! I am so grateful for Wanga and all the programs she has created to help us woman heal and restore our wombs. I am telling everyone about WombmanWellness!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I discoverde Wanga on Ikhambi natural healing just there it was love at first sight. My consultation was absolutely the best she was friendly and shared so much informative information. I am so greatfull that the universe allowed me to gain such knowledge from Wanga.

  4. I enjoyed my consultation with Wanga so much. She’s got the best knowledge of women’s health – She gave me so much information that make sense and how a women body works.
    I’m on a journey to conceive , and she recommended to use her products, Vitality , Harmony , Tribulus. I will review the products once I see a difference and conceived 🙂 * only using the products for a few days now*
    Thanks Wanga you are truly amazing with your advise you gave me!

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