90 Day Wellness Programme

This wellness programme is about hitting the ‘reset’ button on you life. It helps you fast-track the implementation of the recommendations made in the Wombman Wellness Consultation with the added advantage of a coach and accountability partner over 12 weeks.  

Over this period you will engage in weekly one-on-one sessions of deep work on a physical,emotional and mental level enabling you to master self-awareness, form new healthy and sustainable habits, practice the art of living intentionally, improve your health, achieve your wellness goals and ultimately reclaim your life!

By the end of your 90 days among a host of newly formed habits, you will have mastered how to

  • regulate your hormones
  • listen to your body and heal intuitively
  • reverse chronic conditions 
  • develop healthy eating habits
  • plan your meals effectively and sustainably
  • manage healthy weight effortlessly
  • be a savvy grocery shopper, making healthy, healing zero waste meals
  • exercise efficiently for your health and well being
  • manage stress with self reliant coping mechanisms
  • overcome negative self talk
  • identify trauma and process it in a healthy manner
  • achieve mental clarity and emotional stability

This is an intense programme with currently only three intakes a year and a maximum of three women per intake. If you have decided that you want to take back control of your life and that 3 months from now you want your health, hormones and life to be in a completely different place. This programme is for you.

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